Agricultural Services

Farm labor in Exchange for Cheese-Making Knowledge/Experience

August 21, 2013

Contact: Eric Johnston at (917) 653-4343 or

I am a strong, willing & able artist/carpenter seeking a small farm barter situation. I work on your farm, land or project in exchange for time spent learning about the cheese making process. Prefer goats but completely open to cattle and/or sheep, or all of the above. I am generally available as I work freelance. Seeking to work a few days at a time or in a stretch. Would need housing or a recommendation for a place to stay. I can also camp. I have farmed small-scale previously and am knowledgeable, and a fast learner. I can listen. Any info. or recommendations are very much appreciated. I can travel pretty much anywhere in the states and my long term goal is to become a certified cheese maker.

Cheers! -Eric, Brooklyn N.Y.