Land Seekers

"Beyond Organic"

Last Updated March 17, 2013

Contact: Steven Reani at (347) 481-2467 or

First-time farmer strictly committed to organic cultivation methods and beyond:

Sustainable agriculture, rehabilitation of natural local ecosystem using permaculture methods, natural water and soil purification systems to combat pollution, alternative energy for complete self sufficiency, community education thru media projects, community activities, and schooling, alternative health services, ecotourism, etc.

Based on 15 years of studying health, nutrition, the food industry, environmental pollution, politics, farming practices, etc. I realized that the land is where all of our traditions and culture stem from, so I've decided to make the farm my starting point to heal our planet and our society.

Looking for landowner willing to sell at very reasonable price or long-term lease. Need flexible payment plan for the first 3 years while working to build up the operation to a sustainable level. Open to other possibilities as well such as partnership or contributing to an existing operation which shares my values.

Ideally looking for land with elevation of 800 feet above sea level or higher, 10 acres minimum of arable fields, some woodland, farm house, and its own water source (well, spring, or stream).