Land Seekers

Beginning Farmer Seeks Land for Diversified Vegetable Operation

July 28, 2013

Contact: Moriah Bilenky at (215) 384-3239 or

I am a beginning farmer looking to partner up with a retiring farmer that wants to work with me and transition their farm.
Ideally I am looking to work with someone that has or is willing to start a diversified vegetable operation although, I am open to many different ventures. My goal has always been a horse powered farm that produces all its own fuel (hay), so I am would prefer a property that is at least 25 acres.

I have experience with grains, horses, and fruits and vegetables but I am interested in learning the dairy, beef, hog, sheep, poultry,or any other operation.

I am passionate and hard working, what I lack is land and capital. I would be interested in a lease/purchase agreement with owner financing or any other option along those lines.