Land Seekers

Seeking Land for Diverse Farm-Based Cooperative

September 11, 2013

Contact: Sarah and Kevin at (845) 264-2401or

We are a small group of people seeking farmland for a farm-based cooperative and intentional community project. We are seeking an intact farm, 60 acres or more, with potential for a diverse farm operation including animals, nursery, tree crops and vegetables if possible. We are committed to Regenerative farming methods and are trained and experienced in Holistic Management and Permaculture. We are committed to farmland preservation and restoration and we intend a non-profit and permanent protection plan. We want to provide farming opportunities for new farmers and a resource for the wider community in a very uncertain future where truly sustainable local farming will be so important to us all.
We have finances to get started and the ability to offer a significant down payment and/or lease option. We are seeking a seller that can work with us as we put together the rest of the purchase through non-profit partners and other investors. Our ideal is to work with a farm owner who really cares about the future of their farm and the future of their community, and wants to see the land they love be protected in this way. We can offer good references, and more information about our vision if you’d like to know more!