Land Seekers

Young Farmers Seek Up To 20 Acres For Diversified Vegetable and Livestock Farm

October 6, 2014

Contact: Martha Jackson at (401) 924-0801 or

My husband and I are looking to purchase 10-20 acres to start a diversified vegetable and livestock farm, ideally in Delaware County or nearby. We are young farmers with several years of experience growing vegetables and raising chickens and pigs, and we are continuing to improve our business skills through experience and training.

We would prefer some kind of existing housing, no matter how rustic, and low or no chemical use in recent seasons.

We are open to many kinds of creative land transfer arrangements, and would happily either start from scratch on the right land or take on an existing operation. Owner financing or another transfer arrangement would be ideal, but we are also able to work with a third-party lender if need be.