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East Meredith - 200 acres - Lease/share/partnership

East Meredith - 200 acres - Lease/share/partnership

October, 2011

Contact: Carl Arnold
For more information, e-mail or call 718-788-5944 or 607-278-5820

Property address: East Meredith, NY

Available for: Lease/Share/Partnership

Acreage available: 200

Land use: Mixed

Organic: Yes (without certification)

Land description: Idle Agriculture

Soil description: Organic

Water description: Lots of springs; one has supplied the farm for 1.5 centuries

Housing available: Several possibilities for discussion

Buildings available: 1 big garage

Other details: We're looking for a farmer/farm couple with expertise in any of vegetables, berries, fruit, mushrooms, medicinal herbs and/or livestock to help re-establish our farm, preferably using permaculture principles, on a 150-year-old former dairy farm. Of its 200 acres, 50 are pasture/meadow and most of the rest id forest.

There is plenty of water, sun and worms. The barn is no more. The land is organic (unofficially). We would like to develop a relationship beginning with rent or lease, leading to some kind of cooperative arrangement.

This is a unique opportunity to establish an operation from scratch. If interested, please call to discuss and send a resume/letter to the e-mail address above.