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Hancock - 50 Acres - Lease

Hancock - 50 Acres - Lease

September 22, 2013

Contact: Mark Dunau and Lisa Wujnovich at (607) 467-4034

Property Address:
2386 Roods Creek Road
Hancock, NY 13783

This land is available for:

Acreage available:

Land Description:
5 acres in mixed vegetables.

20 acres in pasture and old orchards.

25 acres in forest. Pasture and forest divided by a stream.

Yes (WITHOUT certification)

Conservation Restrictions:

Water Sources:
Drilled well.

Spring fed 3/4 acre pond for irrigation and swimming.

Stream runs through property.

Building(s) Available:
65’ by 40’ dairy barn, three floors, insulated three bedroom home built into half of the dairy barn, other parts of the barn used for farm operation.

Three small greenhouses.

Silo converted into two studies.

Wood-fired sauna.

Tool shed.

Outbuilding for washing vegetables.

Insulated cabin.

Small trailer.

Housing Available:
Open to leasing with or without housing option.

Directions to the property:
Route 17 to mile marker 280. Turn at blinking yellow light. Immediately you face a T. Make a left, this is Silver Lake Road. Go one mile and take your first right, this is Roods Creek Road. Go about three miles on Roods Creek Rd. until pavement turns to gravel. One hundred yards later take first right onto driveway, where there is a sign saying Mountain Dell Farm. Follow driveway to a barn with a red metal roof.

Other Details:
Mountain Dell Farm has been in business for 24 years selling vegetables to restaurants in New York City and locally. It also has a small CSA. We were certified organic from 1990 until 2001, and have signed The Farmer’s Pledge of NOFA-NY since 2003. The farm business has enabled the owners to raise two children from infancy through college. Now, we seek to transfer the farm and business to new growers that will continue to care for the land. We would like to begin the relationship with a lease, but with the possibility to buy.