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Meredith - 25-50 Acres - Sale

Meredith - 25-50 Acres - Sale

July 7, 2013

Contact :Tara Collins at 607-643-5148

Web Address:

Property Address: 2617 Catskill Turnpike Road, Meredith, NY 13753

This land is available for: Sale

Listing agent: Melissa Wakin
Listing #34760
Coldwell Banker Timberland Properties
74 Main Street, Suite A
Delhi, NY 13753
(607) 746-7400

Acreage available: 26-50

Land Use:
7 acres in alfalfa actively hayed 3-4 times during growing season; another 30 acres of underutilized pasture surround by stone wall suitable for grazing livestock with minimal investment of fencing and watering facility. 3 acres dedicated to upgraded farmhouse and Unadilla quonset barn with wired woven fenced area behind/adjacent to barn perfect for chickens, heifers, goats, pigs or sheep.

Land Description:
Property is located in farm-friendly Meredith on the former site of the historic Meridale Farms. this property was originally known as Grasslands for its wonderful pastures and rolling hills at the top of Meredith Mountain. Great grass is Meredith's heritage and is the primary reason this town is making a name for itself in the beef business. The town recently passed a solid farmland protection plan and is behind the farming community in expanding farm efforts throughout the town.

Now known as Keep It Green Acres, this property has a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath homestead with upgrades throughout including windows, kitchen, bathrooms, wood stove and other amenities. Property hosts blackberry, raspberry, blueberry and elderberry throughout.

Pasture can easily convert to healthy pasture in 1-2 seasons as witnessed by mowed areas returned to lush grass. Small pond and spring at north end of property leaves potential for watering source for outer pastures.

Organic: Yes (WITHOUT certification)

Conservation Restrictions: No

Water Sources: House has well. Small pond and spring at north end of property.

Building(s) Available:
Unadilla quonset-hut style Barn is 35x70 and includes insulated chicken coop "condo" and stall. Lots of room for animals and equipment.

Housing Available: Yes

Directions to the property:
State Route 28 to Oneonta. At Catskill Turnpike Road blinking light (at top of hill) make left. Farmhouse is 1.25 miles down, first house on right, 2-story white Colonial with black shutters.

Other Details:
Check photos and complete listing at

Great deer hunting. Property is next door to Meridale farms with additional lease options for haying. Neighbor across the street is pleasant part-timer who bakes fabulous bread!