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Otego - 35 Acres - Lease

Otego - 35 Acres - Lease

April 17, 2014

Contact: Janet Sutta at

Property Address:
1803 County Highway 8
Otego, NY 13825

This land is available for: Lease

Acreage available: 35

Land Use:
The farm:

35 acres includes 3 acres of mature organic blueberries. The farm has been in continuous operation as U-pick for over 20 years, and is well known in the area. Good potential for supplementing blueberry sales with other farm products.

Land Description:
In addition to the 3 acres of blueberries, the property includes a pond, woodlot, kitchen garden and 5 acres of fallow land suitable for small livestock or row crops.

Organic: Yes (WITHOUT certification)

Conservation Restrictions: No

Water Sources: pond, etc. There is water.

Building(s) Available:
The house:

Built in 2007. Clean open plan. Radiant floors. Solar PV electric. 2000 sq. ft.

Housing Available:

Other Details:
Immediate Opportunity. MAY 1 - SEPTEMBER 30 (with long-term possibilities).

Spend this summer in a private, beautiful 2 BR house, located on a working U-Pick blueberry farm.

You manage the farm business. All proceeds are yours.

You rent the house for a reasonable rate (less then last season's farm income.)

If this arrangement works well, we are looking to extend to year round/indefinitely.