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LINKED! - Bovina - ~500 acres - Lease

LINKED! - Bovina - ~500 acres - Lease

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Contact: Andrew
For more information, email or call (718) 392-6650 x2

Property Address: Cape Horn Road, Bovina, NY 13740

Available for: Lease

Acreage available: ~500 acres

Land use: The property was always operated as a dairy farm, with a barn for roughly 80 cows, milking machine and storage tanks, hay wagons, tractor, and other miscellaneous equipment. While the site lends itself to dairy farming we are open to other products as well, livestock, veggies, etc.

Organic: Yes (WITHOUT certification)

Land description: The property consists of three separate farms assembled decades ago. They total 500 acres, of which roughly 300 acres is currently used as pasture land and hay fields. The rest of the property is wooded.

Water description: The property has several streams running through it, and a 1 acre pond.

Buildings available: The property has the following buildings available: (1) A dairy barn built in the 1960s with stalls for roughly 80 cows, hay loft, and milk room. (2) A century old three story horse barn of roughly 3,000 square feet, converted to a meeting hall. (3) A 3 bedroom, 1 bath house of roughly 2,000 square feet. (4) Various other dilapidated barns and structures that have not been used for 20 years, but may be restorable with some time and TLC. There are other houses on the property that we will keep for personal use.

Housing available: Yes

Other details: The property has been an active dairy farm for over a century, and we are looking for a responsible individual or family who is wiling and able to carry on that tradition. With more than 500 acres, this property has tremendous potential for the right person. We are also willing to barter a reduced rent for help maintaining the other houses on the property, and there is the potential to convert one house to a vacation rental and share profits from that as well.