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Clintondale - 7 acres - Lease

Clintondale - 7 acres - Lease

February, 2012

Contact: Julie Jakolat
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Property address: Hurds Road, Clintondale, NY 12515

Available for: Lease

Acreage available: 7

Land use: Currently operating as an apple orchard. We are planning a transition to a permaculture and are interested in finding someone who can manage the transition while developing their own interests. We are open to livestock.

Organic: Yes (without certification)

Land description: Currently 7 acres with 1100 apple trees (Empire, Red Delicious, Stayman Winesap). 1.5 acres have been in transition away from chemicals for three years. The other 5.5 acres have been in conventional production.

Water description: Two ponds. One is naturally occurring and fed by the Black Creek. The other is an irrigation pond. We may have access to funding to support the installation of an irrigation system.

Housing available: No

Buildings available: No

Directions: Located on Hurds Road between South Street and South Ohioville

Other details: We have a plan to transition to a permaculture, but we are flexible. We are interested in low- or no-spray farming.