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Kerhonkson - 25 Acres - Sale

Kerhonkson - 25 Acres - Sale

Updated April 28, 2013

Contact: Judith Karpova
For more information, e-mail

Property address: Sundown Road West of #66 Sundown Road, Kerhonkson, NY 12446

Available for: Available for both sale or lease-to-sell.

Acreage available: 0-25

Land use: 17 acres, combined cleared meadow and woodland

Organic: Yes (without certification)

Land description: 5 acres of the 17 acres are cleared, deep-topsoil meadowland, bisected by a creek. Access to both sides, one side directly from the road, the other side via a logging road. Two large creeks, the north side is bordered by the Mettacahonts Creek, a class A trout creek, the other is a tributary into it. Cleared of invasives. Trees for Tribs has planted 100 trees and shrubs along the banks of the tributary. Has been a farm in the past (many apple tree seedlings). The 5 acres can be expanded. The woodland towards the Mettacahonts has deep, moist soil and is shady, suitable for American Ginsing. Very rich in wildlife: turtles, birds, frogs, newts. Will sell or lease to sell

Conservation Restrictions: No

Water description: A large, year-round creek flows through the farmable meadowland, into the Mettacahonts on the north border

Housing available: Other. I live around the corner from the property and can offer a bedroom and bathroom, and garage storage space. Land itself has area where several homes can be built, or a temporary trailer used and equipment can be stored.

Buildings available: No structures at this time.

Directions: From Route 209 in Kerhonkson: Turn onto Samsonville Road, travel approx. 10 miles up the mountain towards Olivebridge. Mailbox 1039 (on the right) is just before Sundown Road. Turn left onto Sundown Road. The land is on the right-hand side. Look for mailbox 66. The land starts at that border and continues until the mammoth white pine near the corner.

Other details: The entire property used to be a farm and stone walls and cairns intersect and border it. I believe it was in part an apple orchard, there are still many apple trees and seedlings. The meadow with the tributary flowing through it has benefited from occasional flooding and developed deep topsoil. In recent years it has cut a deeper bed, after Irene I could see that it did not flood very far out from its banks. I have spent some years clearing out invasives, such as multiflora and knotgrass, and Trees for Tribs has planted 100 trees and shrubs along the tributary banks. It is part meadow, part wetland/woods, part non-wetland woods, and has an area suitable for building housing that is close to the road. The woods are soft and quiet, although full of birds. The creeks are beyond beautiful. And have swimming holes! It has an other-worldly, magical quality.