Agricultural Services

Senior Equine Retirement Facility

May 14, 2013

Contact: Linda Stewart at (607) 326-7048,

Fabulous senior equine retirement facility dedicated to your horses health and happiness! Located in Denver N.Y, we are dedicated to only senior and retired horse care. We have huge, level pastures as well as individual multi-sized paddocks. Big immaculate barn with large stalls full of shavings. All stalls have mats and windows that open. You & your horse will bloom with happiness!! Gorgeously maintained trails that meander through 250 acres. Drama free, animal-loving environment where horses live well into their thirties. Comfort for your horse is our #1 priority! We heat the water troughs in winter and use waterproof/ breathable coats in inclement weather. The best quality hay and senior feed as well as lots of treats! We are fully insured, offer 24/7 security camera surveillance. Organic, gentle land your horse will love!! Limited availability because we keep a small herd (8-12 horses). Open 7 days. Check out