Greene Bee Greenhouse Seeks Intern

January 23, 2014

Contact: Briana Davis (518) 429-9606 or

Who we are looking for:
An applicant who shares our philosophy about responsible land stewardship, and who feels strongly that they want a career in agriculture, specifically plant production. Greenhouse production is physically and mentally demanding work and applicants should be able-bodied and passionate about learning. You may have limited or professional experience in the area as long as you have a strong interest in nursery business and plant production. We will tailor our internship program to the individual(S) who joins us.

Internship description:
-30 hours per week including weekends. Work includes but is not limited to:
Building, operating and maintaining greenhouses
Planting, growing, and maintaining veggie and herb seedlings
Propagating shrubs and perennials from seed, division, and plugs
Working at the greenhouse and farmer’s markets
General nursery maintenance (weeding, displays, customer service, watering, etc.)
Growing, maintaining, and harvesting from the home vegetable garden
Operating various yard machinery including tractors

In depth education regarding the production, maintenance, and selling of veggie seedlings, perennials, shrubs, and trees in a nursery setting

In depth education of how to grow vegetables in a large scale home garden.

A small stipend of $300/month

Accommodations: You’ll have your own home; a big studio with kitchen, woodstove, outdoor shower, compost toilet, washing machine, and some necessary furnishings. Your view is a pond and diverse forest! Utilities are included.

Sharing the household veggie garden