Land Seekers

Farm Financing and Partnership

September 19, 2013

Contact: Brian Kay at (516) 286-9312 or

Cash, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Legal and general business resources in exchange for business partnerships.

We are investors looking to invest in partnership with existing or start-up agribusiness (Farms – Livestock Dairy or Crop).
We are interested in purchasing land and financing the “means of production” for the above intended use in areas/municipalities that support same.

Our criteria are as follows:
The individual/business must have an excellent reputation (no history of complaints, criminal or civil)
Must have fair credit and the prospects of a growing business.
Must be willing to show accounting statements, tax returns and operations. (Full disclosure)
Must have contingency plans for business continuity in the event of accident or disability of primary “farmer” and or operation in event of weather or related disaster (ie. Livestock illness/drought) to the extent possible. Intent is to manage risk and allocate resources (financial) appropriately to mitigate risk.

If you are interested in working with my organization (SBK Solutions Inc.)
Please Share the following:
Your personal and business profile highlighting your experience and current business operations and net profit.
Your interest in expansion of existing or establishment of new business. (What do you want to do? )
Your interest in a location or relocation – (where Please provide central area zip code or town and radius in miles)
Your research indicating the un-met demand or opportunity for increased production. (Why? Increase profit grow the business)
Your needs: financial or otherwise (money, land, equipment, labor, etc.) (Needed: money $25-100K for land, $10-50k for building, $5-20K for machinery/labor) or more

Our commitment is to provide you with same level of information requested above, as well as, the resources by written agreement.
We are transparent in terms of our interests and conditions.
We are not interested in active management.
We want to offer business support understanding the complexities and challenges of the business.

Our goals are:
A reasonable return for our risk
The opportunity to participate in the change in value of Brand Appreciation given the additional support.
Environmental Preservation and Conservation.

Our resources are:
Real Estate, Marketing, Construction, Legal, Accounting and Finance.

Contact information:
Thank you
Brian Kay