Center for Discovery Seeks Healing Garden Coordinator

August 15, 2013

Contact: Sean Wall-Carty at 845-707-8302 or

The Healing Gardens Coordinator is responsible for the daily operations of the Healing Gardens, herbal workshop and herbal greenhouse at The Center for Discovery, including the task assignment for adult Dayhab. The Healing Gardens Coordinator collaborates with the Dayhab Sr. Coordinator and the Director of Healing gardens and Biodynamic farming.


• Plans and coordinates the tasks in the Clinic, Carrus gardens (planting, maintenance, harvesting), workshop (processing of herbs) and greenhouse (seeding, transplanting and maintenance) – With the Director of Healing gardens support.
• Executes these tasks with the required skills and timeliness, together with allocated staff, interns as well as with Programs. This can at times mean other garden areas.
• Reports on a regular basis to evaluate toward seasonal goals to the Director of Healing gardens and Biodynamic farming.
• Supervises staff or interns involved in the working of the Healing Garden program


• Coordinates weekly with the Dayhab Sr, Coordinator to identify and develop opportunities for participation of the residents in the garden, workshop and greenhouse tasks, identifying the skills needed to ensure their assignment in ways commensurate with the skills of the participants
• Develops horticultural curriculum for Dayhab, which instructs the specialists and associates how to engage the residents in proper technique and conditions to allow satisfactory completion of tasks.
• Evaluates and provides monthly reports on progress toward annual goals to Dayhab Sr. Coordinator and Director of Healing gardens and Biodynamic farming.
• Applies the knowledge necessary to participate in all areas of an individuals programming, and to the needs of all individuals at the agency in case of needs.

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