Opportunity Wanted for Aspiring Organic Farmer

Jason Gaspar

Wanting to work with excited and established organic farmer who wishes to share his or her knowledge with an energetic and self-motivated individual. My interests are in vegetable production, herbs, flowers, goats, chickens and cattle. I am also interested in bee keeping, cheese making and the CSA & market model. As of now, I have over 12 years of gardening and landscaping experience: from laying stone to building garden beds, my skills are diverse. Currently I am the lead gardener and caretaker for the Wyckoff Farm House in south east Brooklyn. My job duties include garden design, vegetable, flower & herb production, fundraising, program development and house maintenance. Through the year's I've gained many gardening skills. This year's garden was a success; However great, there is much more to learn; especially in the field of farming. If you wish to share your knowledge with someone who aspires to be farming very soon, please send me a message. I should state, I cannot work for free. Although, this can be discussed. If you read this message and cannot help, but know someone who may, please let me know. I'm especially interested in working on a farm in the Hudson River Valley. Thank you.