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Stamford - 3 Acres - Share/Partnership

Incubator Farm Looking for Summer Resident Farmer

April 16, 2015

Contact: Melissa Guzman at (347) 782-3443 or

Property Address:
164 state route ten
Stamford, NY 12167

This land is available for: Share/Partnership

Acreage available: 3.1

Land Use:
Melissa and Kevin from The Small Idea Daycare in Washington Heights have been working on transitioning a barn and property near Stamford into a summer farm education center for children. The barn is now a fun work/live space with with electricity and running water (no heat yet!), and they’re looking for a young farmer to live for free and help start some farm projects on the property. Hoping to find a young farmer interested in living at the property in the barn. This summer we plan to finish the cabin and make sure it is comfortable for living there all year. We would love for that person to have more ideas about what to do and to take on projects on his/her own.

We are going to work on doing the following:
For this season:
Build raised beds
Build a greenhouse for herbs and seedlings.

For next season:
Have animals: chickens, goats maybe, rabbits, etc
Make a camp program beginning the summer of 2016
Make a city and country exchange

Land Description:
Barn, renovated to live/work space. Cabin to be renovated. three acres on a slight incline. Perfect for a greenhouse operation, or small livestock project.

Organic: Yes (WITHOUT certification)

Conservation Restrictions: No

Water Sources: Water lines in. Barn has water.

Building(s) Available:
Barn - in transition.
Cabin - needs renovation

Housing Available: Yes