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East Durham - 5 Acres - Lease

October 31, 2014

Contact: Taylor Forrest at (224) 632-0888 or

Property Address:
3442 RT 145
East Durham, NY 12423

This land is available for: Lease

Acreage available: 5 acres

Land Use:
Our property was once a Dairy Farm. We are not farmers but we would like to make the land available to someone who would like to farm. Our property is 40 acres total, we would rent our 5 acres field/pasture for farming or livestock.

Land Description:
we have a 5 acre pasture/field available. The field is surrounded by woods on three sides and is easily accessible from the road. There is a slight slope to the field and at the bottom a small seasonal stream that flows into a beaver pond on another part of the property.

Organic: Yes (WITHOUT certification)

Conservation Restrictions: No

Water Sources:
Well water and a stream that flows from spring till early fall.

Building(s) Available:
No barn and no shed.

Housing Available: No

Other Details:
Used to be called Idle Hour Farm once upon a time, a dairy farm on the historic "millk run"