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Hurleyville - 76-100 Acres - Lease

Updated March 9, 2015

Contact: Joseph and Kaycie D'Auria at (518) 576-9679 or

Property address: 194 Dryer Road, Hurleyville, NY 12942

Available for: Lease

Acreage available: 76-100

Land use: Current land use is fallow. Seven years ago and for the twelve years prior the open land was used for a small mixed livestock and vegetable farm.

Organic: Yes (WITHOUT certification)

Land description: 21 acres are open and the remainder is in forest. All fields are bordered by streams that never run dry. Additionally, all fields are fenced with seven strand and woven wire fencing. There are fruit trees and established garden plots that have grown back into grass etc. About 1.5 acres is fenced for deer. Fencing needs some repair. The remaining 66 acres are wooded. Uses of the wooded acres will have limitation subject to the owners discretion. There is a 750' square house with a garage that is available for rent at $875 per month. Two months security required along with references. Utilities not included and tenant is responsible for snow removal and lawn mowing. Rent of the farm land can be in exchange for labor on property. Farm use history is available for past 60 years. Two wells exist on the property. Renting of the property could lead to a sale. Currently the owner is working on a conservation easement. Potential buyer who rent may have input on the design of the easement.

Conservation Restrictions: Yes

Water description: As described above all fields have streams on their borders and there are two shallow dug wells available.

Housing available: Yes

Buildings available: A small barn (16x20) on property that needs work.

Directions: Seven miles from Liberty by way of route 52 East. Turn left onto Divine Corners Road to the stop sign. Make a right onto Dryer Road to the first driveway on left. After driveway, while traveling on Dryer road the farm property is both on the left and the right.