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Jeffersonville - 13 acres - Lease

April, 2012

Contact Name: Catskills FarmLink
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Property address: Egger Road, Jeffersonville, NY 12748
[Swiss Hill North, one and a half miles up from Jeffersonville, turn on Eggler Road (on the right) and go less than 1/16 mi. It is the first open unwooded acreage on the right hand side. Property goes deep.]

Available for: Will consider making land available in exchange for Agricultural land tax exemption

Acreage available: 13 acres

Land use: Currently sitting idle. Last usage was for corn. Possibilities include: Hay, pasture for livestock, cows, pigs, etc. (no buildings on acreage) possible manure dispersal or combined uses

Land description: Idle agriculture, flat acreage with vegetative growth, capable of being reclaimed for pasture or hay, with some old stone walls. 13 acres

Water sources: No

Building available: No

Housing available: No