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Financing Your Business Workshop - Liberty and Oneonta

Liberty: July 10, 4:30 - 8pm at the Sullivan County Soil and Water Conservation District building at 64 Ferndale Loomis Road

Oneonta: July 11, 4:30 - 8pm at Brooks House of BBQ

Whether you’re just starting up, looking to expand, or need a line of credit to help with cashflow, financing is a part of life for small business. Getting financing can be challenging though, especially when you work in the farm and wood sectors. Financial institutions often see these companies as riskier investments. That means if you want financing, you’ll have to work extra hard to convince lenders to take you seriously.This workshop will: help you identify financing options, share what lenders look for in loan applications (and applicants!), and include a forum period where you can ask questions of lenders, share your experiences seeking loans, and hear from other business owners about how they have approached financing challenges. Who should come: farmers, food business owners, forest products companies such as loggers, sawmills, and manufacturers, open to all business owners considering applying for financing in the near future. Speakers: Sam Kandel, Small Business Development Corporation, Barbara Puglisi, Catskill Watershed Corporation, and Ryan Hrobuchak, Farm Credit East

TLC Credits: For loggers, the workshop has been approved for ½ TLC continuing education credit.

Cost: $20 per person, which includes dinner

For more information contact Josh VanBrakle (607) 865-7790, ext. 112