Land Use Guides

NY Beginning Farm Project's "Guide to Farming in NYS"

Looking for a comprehensive overview of farming? From soil to business planning, this guide covers many topics if interest to beginning and established farmers.

You may download or access an indexed version of its content by visiting

The program recently created a webpage that combines funding and grant opportunity fact sheets for beginning farmers which can be found at:

Leasing Land and Infrastructure for Farming

Considering leasing land for your farm business? Evaluating land and infrastructure needs will be as important as crafting a lease agreement with your legal counsel.

Visit these links for more information:

Finding a Farm to Buy or Lease

Climate & Soil Considerations

Infrastructure Considerations

Accessing & Evaluating Land

Important Questions to Ask Before Crafting a Lease Agreement
(although this is a Vermont resource, the content is helpful to all new farmers)

A Lease Agreements Guide for Landowners and Farmers

Landowner Guide to Leasing Farmland

Considering leasing your land to a farmer? There are many benefits to leasing your land to a farmer. Perhaps you were once a farmer yourself and understand the value of productive farmland, or maybe you own a second home in the rural Catskills and value the esthetics of a working landscape.

By working with a farmer to lease your workable lands, you are preserving the agricultural heritage of the Catskills region; enabling the land to remain in production; and with an agricultural assessment, you will be paying taxes based on the agricultural value of land determined each year by the state, not by local market conditions.

Visit these links for more information:

Agricultural Assessment Qualifications and Application Process

Property Tax Exclusions for Farm Buildings

Drake University's "The Landowner's Guide to Sustainable Farm Leasing"

"This guide is written to assist landowners in understanding their role as a landlord and a steward of the land, encourage open communication between landowner and tenant, and ultimately aid in the development of a lease agreement that is beneficial to the landowner, the farmer, the community, and the land."

To access the complete guide, visit

Guide to Leasing DEP Land

DEP allows for agricultural use of City-owned watershed lands. This document provides resources for determining eligibility and FAQs for doing so.

DEP Farming Fact Sheet for Landowners with a DEP Conservation Easement

This fact sheet is provided as a quick reference guide for activities that need Notice and Approval under a DEP Conservation Easement.

Northeast Beginning Farmers Project: Land Access Webinar Series

As part of their Trainers Toolbox, webinars offering land access learning are available for download at Whether you work on beginning farmer programming or are a beginning farmer yourself, the webinar series offers valuable information related to land access.